ECS Overland

Experts in land transport

Land transport

ECS is  best logistics ally that your company can have, for shipments to Spain, Europe and Morocco.

With more than 20 years’experience in this domain, ECS is the leading land transporter in Morocco, with Authorised Business Operator (OEA) Certification for Security as well as Simplified Customs Procedures – currently the only company to have OEA certification for both services.

For our clients, this certification means that, in addition to the absolute certainty that shipments are handled to the highest standard of security,  customs procedures are more flexible due to the fact that we are OEA-certified.

Direct control through our own personnel in Morocco, with our own vehicles, adds an extra measure of security, which, together with flexibility, efficiency and efficacy, is the foundation of the ECS division that handles traffic with Morocco.

Textile and automotive industry

At ECS, textile and automotive logistics are a speciality. We have our own human resources, along with the material for both logistical sectors, building on the basic pillars of our company: security, professionalism,  commitment and teamwork. For the automotive industry, we currently offer transport and distribution solutions specifically designed according to the needs of each client.

For the textile industry, we make available:

  • Containerised 45 ft. High Cube trailer units
  • Load capacity: 100 m3
  • Made of Corten® steel for maximum resistance and equipped with rails for hanging garments (90 rails for each unit)
  • Weekly shipments from any point in Spain to any location in Morocco: 24/48 hours transit time
  • All vehicles equipped with GPS, plus on-line shipment tracking available.

Rail transport

At ECS, we are beginning to operate and market clean and competitive logistical solutions that also use rail transport, combining this method with maritime and road transport. With this combination, we can meet the needs of each client.

The objective is to design strategies that make use of containers or other forms of shipment unique to the different transport methods that currently exist, in order to move materials and merchandise in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

This new division is created with a firm commitment to the environment.